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User Experience (UX) and Customer-Centered  Design


Creating and enhancing user satisfaction by improving the usability, accessibility, and pleasure provided in the interaction between the user and the product.



User Research


• Understanding a user's needs and goals

• Not only uncovering the what, but the how and the why


- Design and conduct a study

- Descriptive, Relational, and Experimental User Interviews

- Collection of Data

- Discovering User Tasks

- Solving pain-points


Conducted Study: Healthy Eating for people with a busy lifestyle


The findings are most of the participants frequent the grocery store once or twice a week to pick out fresh produce and the brands they trust, taking into account for picky eaters. They enjoy cooking health-conscious meals, but their busy schedules only afford them to cook meals within 20-30 minutes. Even so, they get frustrated if they do not have the right ingredients. The participants try to cook enough for leftovers, which they usually have for lunch the next day.


Because of their busy schedules, they actually eat out 60% of the time, usually eating dinner, each meal costing an average of $30 per person. They check restaurant reviews on Yelp when deciding on a place to dine–about four times a week. Dining out has become embedded into their current lifestyle.  They would like to create a more wholesome lifestyle by cooking healthier meals at home.


Download Study PDF



• Provide us with a precise way of thinking and communicating about how users behave, how they think, what they wish to accomplish, and why

• Personas help guide feature and design decisions moving forward

- Conduct interviews

- Gather and organize data


Persona: Healthy Eating for people with a busy lifestyle

Context Scenarios and Customer Journeys


• Narrations of our personas performing key user tasks

• They aid the understanding of our users' goals in specific contexts by describing instances of use and illustrating


- Conduct interviews

- Gather and organize data


Customer Journey:
E-commerce shopping cart

Features and Requirements

Requirements and Features


• Coming out of Personas & Context Scenarios, next you

define all requirements and features needed for a site

or app and organize them in groups
of must-to-haves

and nice-to-haves


- Requirements and Features


Requirements and Features:
Sports Club/Gym

Download Requirements and Features PDF

Site Structure and Navigation


• A high-level navigational model for your site or app

• Map out the content & inventory

• Detailing the relationship from section to section

• Outlining the overall user flow and end-to-end experience


- Site map


Site Map: Sports Club/Gym

Site Map

Download Site Structure and Navigation PDF

Key Page Framework and Detailed Design


• Sketching out key pages & high-level designs

• Micro-interactions

• A blueprint for all the features and areas of user interaction

• Delivered as annotated wireframes


Low and high fidelity


Site Map: Sports Club/Gym and Venice Art Crawl

Mobile Wireframes

Download Wire Frames PDF

Desktop Wireframes



• Creating a prototype to be tested


- Low to mid or high fidelity prototype


Prototype - Low Fidelity:
Venice Art Crawl


Prototype - Mid Fidelity :

Exploring Your Potential

Download Prototype PDF

Low Fidelity Prototype

User Testing


• Preform a Heuristics study

• Create a Screener

• Task Scenarios

• Write a Moderator Guide and Test Plan

• Deliver a Usability Studies Report


- Low to mid or high fidelity prototype


Usability Test and Report: Venice Chamber of Commerce

Usability Test Plan

Usability Test Report

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